Cafe Scientifique: Burning Calories in the Park 2013
Cafe Scientifique: Burning Calories in the Park 2013

Café Scientifique events provide relaxed settings in which we talk about the latest thought-provoking science issues. These take place in cafés, souqs, parks and other non-academic venues.

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You don't have to be a scientist or science student to take part. Café Scientifique is about the science of life and how it shapes our world. Because of this, everyone is welcome.

Café Scientifique's informal, friendly environment encourages open and interesting debate, where you can offer your opinions, ask questions or just listen. As well as live events we also use video conference technology to link events around the country and even across the world, which brings a great mix of cultural ideas to the conversation.

In Qatar we have held Café Scientifique events on subjects as diverse as:

  • Astronomy, with Dr Chris Lintott of Oxford University
  • Rocket Science, with Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock
  • Observing our Natural History, with Dr John Jackson of the Natural History Museum in London. 

We work hard to ensure each event is a group-led inclusive conversation, rather than a question and answer session between the audience and the speaker.

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To find out when the next Café Scientifique is taking place in Qatar, please visit our events pages.

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