Thursday 27 August 2015

Discussions held around the changes in the academic calendar and the resulting benefits to students.

The British Council Qatar held a specially convened media roundtable on the 26th  August 2015. The event was designed to familiarise members of the media with recently introduced changes to the British Council’s academic calendar. 

These changes will bring a host of benefits for students over the next academic year and the British Council sought the cooperation of the media to share this  information with the public. The event was held at The British Council Qatar’s premises and drew media participation from Qatar’s dailies and weekend newspapers covering both Arabic and English press, as well as a number of key online news portals.

Commenting on hosting the roundtable Amanda Ingram, Director of English Language Services in Qatar said “The British Council Qatar values its partnership with Qatar’s media institutions. As we pursue our goal of connecting the people of Qatar with the best learning opportunities the UK has to offer, we rely on the support of the media. We want to get clear information about our programmes to our customers and with a new academic calendar coming into effect in the first week of September 2015, we decided to seek the help of media institutions in sharing this important information. We are grateful for the willing support we always receive and today’s gathering is no exception.” 

Information on the newly structured academic calendar was shared at the media roundtable. Those gathered were informed that from September 2015 there will be 4 terms in the academic year, as opposed to the current 3 terms. This and other changes have been introduced after research was conducted by the British Council amongst its students.

Ms Ingram added “By completing more terms in the year students will be able to  complete an English level every year. The changes give adult students the opportunity to study more hours each week resulting in faster progress and allowing them to achieve their goals within a shorter period of time. Our programmes for Young Learners will now complement the school calendar to  reduce clashes with end of year exams and allow students to offer their best at school as well as in the English courses they are following with us. We are also delighted to respond to increased demand for our young learner programmes and introduce additional age-groups and even more refined levels. The changes have also taken into account Qatar’s holiday calendar to ensure that adult students as well as young students don’t miss out on classes during holiday seasons. We want to give all students maximum opportunity to attend all their lessons and maximise their progress.” 

About the British Council

The British Council has a long-standing presence and strong brand in Qatar. Our work in English language teaching, the arts, education and social development has undergone enormous growth over the last three years. It is highly valued by local stakeholders who understand how it supports Qatar’s ambition to be a knowledge hub for the region. The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We create international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and build trust between them worldwide. We work in more than 100 countries and our 7,000 staff – including 2,000 teachers – work with thousands of professionals and policy makers and millions of young people every year by teaching English, sharing the Arts and delivering education and society programmes.


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