Join our club and learn tomorrow’s skills today!

At STEM Club your child will do Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths projects in English under the guidance of our expert teachers.

STEM Club is all about developing skills in problem-solving, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity - exactly what your child will need for future success.

Each term your child will work in student-led teams on fun projects in English. Students will be guided on how to reflect, how to create and how to challenge. Your child will be learning how to learn.

Whatever the project - building a baloon-powered car, making solar-powered oven, designing a city, learning to code using micro:bits, or building a neuron - they'll be picking up the language and skills needed to prosper in the years ahead.

Whether your child is new to English or almost fluent, our inclusive approach will give them all the individual attention and opportunities they need to learn and fulfil their potential.


  • be taught by expert teachers of children who will inspire and motivate them.
  • enjoy lessons that use modern, group-based activities specially designed for the way children learn.  
  • have lessons that are different but support their school studies.

Parents will always be connected to the progress their child is making with regular communication from the teacher and will be invited to a Science Fair at the end of the course where their children will be giving presentations and showing the work they have done during the term.


Course Format

12 hours (6 x 2 hour sessions)


1,400 QAR

1,100 QAR for students on our annual programme