Parent (father) with their kids in a class talking to the teacher
Saturday 16 July 2016 - 00:00
Session one at 10.00, Session two at 17.00

We, at the British Council believe that parents have a powerful influence on their children’s learning. As well as Teachers, the Academic Managers, the Young Learners Coordinator and the Parent Liaison Coordinator regularly engage with parents and guardians to let them know how they can help their children improve their English outside the classroom. 

At our English Language Centre in Doha, we hold ‘Parent Engagement Sessions’ throughout the year, which illustrate useful learning strategies to bring out a child’s full potential. 

The sessions cover practical tips on how you can help your child learn English at home. One of the things we examine in the sessions is the British Council Learn English Kid and Teens websites, which are fun and educational. Here you will find online vocabulary and grammar games, songs, stories, and videos with hundreds of free printable resources and a support section for parents who are keen to help their children at home. It is a great way to practise English! 

our new Summer School Programme

The coming sessions will also give parents information about our exciting new Summer School programme, which covers everything kids and parents need to beat the heat and get a head start this summer! New stories, games and creative activities that build a strong academic foundation and develop fluency are at the centre of all our courses and are illustrated at the Parent Engagement gatherings. 

Give Your Child A Great Start Today!