We are working with interactive arts studio Invisible Flock , to bring their breath-taking 105 + dB sound installation to Doha for the first time. The installation is named after the sound level at which the individual voice is lost in a crowd. Audiences walking around Souq Waqif this December will be plunged into a 3D sound bubble, filled with the noises of a football match recorded live at the Grand Hamad Football Stadium back in September. The art installation explores themes of identity, place and the individual vs the crowd by harnessing the power of football and art to bring new meanings to public spaces.

Sound installations are becoming more recurrent in public spaces, as unlike other more familiar forms of public arts such as sculpture, they occupy a three dimensional space while also drawing in the audience by playing on time – which leads to people staying longer in a space to hear how the sound develops.

This is the first time a piece by Invisible Flock is shown in Qatar, and 105 + dB is part of their ambitious work to engage people with the arts in public spaces. They like to use accessible themes in unexpected places to connect audiences, artists and every-day life asking us to think about the world in which we live. Join in the conversation at #BritFestQA

Private and public sector joined hands in making this unique project happen. This project is supported by Strategic Tourism Partner Souq Waqif, Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, Qatar Stars League, Official Carrier Qatar Airways, Qatar Financial Centre and Travelex