If you wish to drop one or more exam subjects, you will need to contact our customer services team.

Our refund policy

If you give us written notice of your intention to withdraw from the exam before the normal stage registration deadline, you will receive a refund of the subject fees (minus 25% of the total, which is deducted as an administrative fee). The refund will be issued after the end of the examinations period.

Withdrawal during the late entry period

If you give us written notice of your intention to withdraw from the exam during the late entry period, you will not normally receive a refund.

The exception is that we may issue a refund on medical grounds, but this is at the exam board's discretion. Also, you will only recieve refund of normal entry fee, any late stage fee will not be refunded. 

To request a withdraw and refund, please contact our customer services team.

Candidates registering for school exams have to be 18 years and above for the registration to be accepted and completed. This is in accordance with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

The British Council will not be held responsible for registrations that do not comply with this condition and have the right to deny the registration of the applicant. If the payment has been completed, and the candidate has not submitted the required documents for eligibility, then an administrative fee of 25 % will be deducted from the total fee, before processing the refund due to non-compliance.

If the test taker is a minor, please visit the MOEHE (Ministry of Education and Higher Education) and request for permission to take school exams with British Council. They will send an email to our School Exams Officer with the candidate name, Qatar ID number and the qualifications approved to be taken. You will be informed of this email and then you may register with us. Applications without Ministry approval for minor candidates will not be processed.