Held in partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University as part of the British Festival 2015, this exhibition is based on David Batchelor’s recent solo exhibition 'Flatlands' (2013), which was guest-curated by Andrea Schlieker with The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh and Spike Island, Bristol. All works are loaned courtesy of the artist, Galeria Leme, São Paulo and Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh.

David Batchelor is a 3D and sculpture artist who has held an important place in the British Council Collection from its first acquisition of his work in 2000 to the commission of the much-loved HK Fesdella light sculpture for our Hong Kong office in 2008. His work has been included in some of our most successful and far-reaching exhibitions, including ‘Multiplication’, which toured extensively around South America and Europe from 2001–06, and ‘Seeing in Colour’, which was shown in Oman, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Armenia from 2010–11. Consistently intelligent, playful and revealing, his work represents some of the best, and most colourful, British art being made today.

‘For me drawing is a kind of dreaming. It’s a kind of place where forms and shapes and things don’t have to obey the laws of gravity.’