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Mohammed Muslim

The Infinite Tunnel near Doha Corniche, a sustainable masterpiece by self-taught photographer Mohammed Muslim. Mohammed has been based in Qatar since 2009. Adorned with vibrant umbrellas and plants, the tunnel's allure is heightened by reflections in crystal balls. Muslim's talent extends beyond photography, earning accolades in national and international competitions. Also delving into filmmaking, he showcases work at events like the Giffoni Children's Film Festival. Professionally, he excells as a Healthcare IT Management Professional at Hamad Medical Corporation.

Muna Al Bader

Muna Al-Bader

Known as the "Artist of Blue", Muna is a highly acclaimed Qatari artist whose work is inspired by the captivating beauty of her hometown, Doha. 

With a remarkable talent for capturing the essence of the sea and sky, she skillfully explores the diverse shades of blue, infusing each with its own symbolic significance. She actively advocates for artistic expression and cultural exchange and her journey serves as a powerful testament to the transformative power of pursuing one's passion. 

Ghala Mohammed AL-Naama

Ghala Al Naama, a young participant in the photography competition, took this photo titled "Water is super important for all living things". In this photo contest, she wants to show how every tiny drop of water helps plants, animals and people stay alive. "It's like a big chain where everything depends on each other. We can take pictures of small streams, plants getting water, or even how people work together to save water. Let's capture how water brings everyone together and how we can take care of it to keep our world healthy."

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Zirari DJamel Eddine

The photo captures a Qatari youth crafting a fishing net with dedication, joy, and determination - weaving a tale of heritage and innovation. His expressive face adds a unique touch to the image, reflecting a story of passion and commitment. Driven by a passion for details, Zirari Djamel Eddine finds joy in capturing meaningful moments through his hobby of photography. Embracing life fully, he strives to appreciate and seize the beauty in every moment.

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MyWordBook 2

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Shabana Bibi

"Harmony in Urbanity: Integrating Nature for Sustainable Development in Doha", captured by Shabana Bibi, this image juxtaposes Doha's skyscrapers with the unexpected beauty of birds in flight. The natural foreground symbolises coexistence, reflecting Shabana's unique perspective. A resident of Doha for the past 14 years, Shabana balances homemaking with entrepreneurship and Henna art, and turns her lens to showcase the city's vibrant spirit. Through her lens, she envisions a sustainable future where nature and urbanity thrive together.

Zara Habib ur Rehman

Dhows in Qatar were once crucial for trade and fishing but became old-fashioned due to oil. A restoration project aims to keep them in Gulf waters, aligning with Qatar's sustainability goals. This fits into the country's vision for a modern, eco-friendly society, even extending to green sailing vessels for sustainable tourism. Zara Habib, a 10-year-old, loves photography, using her phone to capture beauty and learn, inspired by exploration and discovering.

Elizabeth Jane Hodgson Young Learners Teacher

Elizabeth Jane Hodgson

"I enjoy teaching Young Learners, even the lively ones, because it's both challenging and rewarding"


Over the years I've seen young Qataris and children from all over the world improve in leaps and bounds and this is partially due the British Council’s input. 

Elizabeth has taught children in West Africa, Italy, Dubai, England and Qatar. In Britain she trained as a professional teacher, gaining a PGCE and DELTA. She has worked for the British Council for over twenty years.