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Intercultural Fluency Female Trainer, Amelia Moreno

Amelia Moreno

Amelia’s background in business development and marketing in a number of countries has given her first- hand experience of the challenges that a commercial multicultural environment can face. For the last six years she has been working as a teacher, trainer and facilitator with an incredibly diverse mix of cultures. Her core strength is communication and the ability to respond to the needs of the people she is working with.

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Ophelia Donlevy

Ophelia Donlevy saw that the earth had cracked in the sun after the floods but noticed that despite the extreme weather, the plants were still growing through. 10-year-old Ophelia Donlevy has always loved art and taking photos with her family. She got her first camera on her 10th birthday and since then she takes photos whenever she gets a chance. She goes to a photography club at school where she learns how to look for interesting things and take photos from interesting angles.

Shiras Abdulla

"For a Better, Greener Tomorrow" captures the poignant image of a child sheltering a fragile plant in the parched soil of a scorching summer. This powerful scene was skillfully captured by Shiraz Abdulla, an Indian photographer who has been based in Qatar since 2011. She is a trained photo journalist whose photography serves as both a profession and a passion, which is wielded as a tool for social change; portraying the delicate balance between humanity and the environment.

Teresa Albor

Teresa Albor is a British American artist, designer, entrepreneur and activist, currently working in London, Doha and Dhaka.

She is a cultural producer who supports the practices of others, collaborates with people who are committed to changing the world for good, and uses social enterprise as one of her tools.

Intercultural Fluency Female Trainer, Senida Derta

Senida Derta

Senida is a qualified and experienced Trainer. She is fluent in four languages: English, Romanian, Spanish and French. She has extensive multicultural teaching experience and her work experience spans six countries: the UK, Spain, France, Italy, Romania and Qatar. In Qatar she has worked on a series of assignments and educational projects with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Qatar Investment Authority, Qatar Exchange, Hemaya Security and Ooredoo, to name just a few.

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Intercultural Fluency Male Trainer, Mahmoud Reda

Mahmoud Reda

Mahmoud Reda is a certified trainer with 15 years of experience across range of market sectors. He has worked for a large multinational telecommunications company for nine years, which has given him the opportunity to work across teams and departments in a multi-cultural environment with over 40 nationalities, Mahmoud’s experience enriches his ability to identify challenges of cross-culture communication, and address learning needs for individuals with different backgrounds.

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Manjri Saxena

"3 R's of Sustainability" at EXPO 2023 Doha - a community unites for a greener planet. This image was captured by Manjri Saxena, a certified freelance photographer based in Qatar. The photo reflects the essence of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Saxena's work extends to national and international exhibitions with Qatar Museum and Ministries, coupled with winning many photography competitions, showcasing a dedication to environmental awareness through the lens.

Mohammed Ibrahim Azeem

Mohammed Azeem is a child passionate about photography. He took this picture himself, captioning it: "The municipality in Qatar launched the 'One Million Trees' initiative. This will boost parks and green areas to 143 by 2023, up from just 56 in 2010".

Intercultural Fluency Female Trainer, Amany Rashwan

Amany Rashwan

Amany is a qualified and experienced Human Resources practitioner. Her areas of professional expertise are recruitment, employee relations, coaching and training with a particular passion for promoting equal opportunities, and intercultural communication. Amany’s experience in coaching, mentoring, and facilitation enables her to utilise a range of tools to engage trainees from different backgrounds, ensuring their needs as both individuals and group members are addressed.

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Anagh Gaur

This photo at Al Bidda Park Expo shows a child playing under a solar-powered street light, a sustainable source of energy. Anagh Gaur aimed to capture how using solar energy can save power for our future, showing the solar panel with the child playing happily under it. Anagh has been into photography for more than four years as a hobby. She joined many photo events at school and assisted her mom with editing. Now, Anagh is a first-year student at the University of Doha for Science and Technology, studying Information Science.