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Intercultural Fluency Female Trainer, Amelia Moreno

Amelia Moreno

Amelia’s background in business development and marketing in a number of countries has given her first- hand experience of the challenges that a commercial multicultural environment can face. For the last six years she has been working as a teacher, trainer and facilitator with an incredibly diverse mix of cultures. Her core strength is communication and the ability to respond to the needs of the people she is working with.

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Intercultural Fluency Female Trainer, Senida Derta

Senida Derta

Senida is a qualified and experienced Trainer. She is fluent in four languages: English, Romanian, Spanish and French. She has extensive multicultural teaching experience and her work experience spans six countries: the UK, Spain, France, Italy, Romania and Qatar. In Qatar she has worked on a series of assignments and educational projects with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Qatar Investment Authority, Qatar Exchange, Hemaya Security and Ooredoo, to name just a few.

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Intercultural Fluency Male Trainer, Mahmoud Reda

Mahmoud Reda

Mahmoud Reda is a certified trainer with 15 years of experience across range of market sectors. He has worked for a large multinational telecommunications company for nine years, which has given him the opportunity to work across teams and departments in a multi-cultural environment with over 40 nationalities, Mahmoud’s experience enriches his ability to identify challenges of cross-culture communication, and address learning needs for individuals with different backgrounds.

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Intercultural Fluency Female Trainer, Amany Rashwan

Amany Rashwan

Amany is a qualified and experienced Human Resources practitioner. Her areas of professional expertise are recruitment, employee relations, coaching and training with a particular passion for promoting equal opportunities, and intercultural communication. Amany’s experience in coaching, mentoring, and facilitation enables her to utilise a range of tools to engage trainees from different backgrounds, ensuring their needs as both individuals and group members are addressed.

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LearnEnglish Grammar App

LearnEnglish LearnEnglish Grammar

Perfect your grammar through thousands of questions in this interactive grammar workbook. Questions range from beginner to advanced level.

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MyWordBook 2 App

MyWordBook 2

Learn new vocabulary using this interactive flashcard app. Add your own words with translations, notes and images to help you study.

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LearnEnglish Audio and Video App

LearnEnglish Audio and Video

Watch and listen to real, everyday English conversations to improve your listening skills. Each video and podcast comes with audio scripts and comprehension exercises.

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Elizabeth Jane Hodgson Young Learners Teacher

Elizabeth Jane Hodgson

"I enjoy teaching Young Learners, even the lively ones, because it's both challenging and rewarding"


Over the years I've seen young Qataris and children from all over the world improve in leaps and bounds and this is partially due the British Council’s input. 

Elizabeth has taught children in West Africa, Italy, Dubai, England and Qatar. In Britain she trained as a professional teacher, gaining a PGCE and DELTA. She has worked for the British Council for over twenty years.

IELTS Word Power App

IELTS Word Power

Get ready for the IELTS exam! Practise with over 100 questions to test your word power in 11 categories ranging from science and technology to work and business.

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English Teacher in Qatar Amelia Hoseason

Amelia Hoseason

After 10 years experience in sales and marketing, I decided to follow my heart and changed careers to become an English teacher. I have worked in Malta, Colombia and London delivering different courses, and have worked with a wide range of students from adults, professionals and young learners. I've CELTA and DELTA qualifications as well as a degree in EFL.  

I can safely say I love my job, and am very excited to be here in Qatar working with the British Council. "