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Nesmah Mohammed AlSameai

Exploring Life Below Water: Capturing the beauty beneath the surface". This photograph echoes the essence of SDG14: Life Below Water. As an amateur photographer and visionary artisan, Nesmah Al-Sameai seeks nature and beauty through the dance of pixels and light. Taken in 2021 at a fish shop in Doha, Qatar, this image is an attempt to find art in the everyday, showcasing the profound connection between the world under and the delicate balance of marine life.


Oliver English Teacher in Qatar

Oliver Beddall


Oliver is Academic Manager for the Young Learner programme. He has worked for the British Council in Japan and Qatar as a teacher, teacher trainer and manager. He is currently involved in setting up new Young Learner partnership courses in Doha and running a number of teacher training initiatives.

Zakaria Zaff

Zakaria Zaff's captivating image symbolises sustainability and community, portraying a heartfelt moment between a brother and sister. As a seasoned interior designer and photographer from Morocco, Zakaria's winning entry in the British Council Photography Competition reflects his unique perspective on harmonious coexistence, blending design aesthetics with a profound passion for sustainability and community connections.

Learning Time with Timmy App

Learning Time with Timmy

Children aged 6 years and younger can now play exciting games and listen to English words to learn about numbers, colours, shapes and food with Timmy and his friends. The app is developed by the British Council in collaboration with Aardman Animations, the creators of Shaun the Sheep and Timmy Time.

Download for: iOS | Android (Google Play) | Android (Amazon)

Mariem Mohamed Sgheir

"Let's Save Trees Around the World" (Photo taken at Expo 2023 Doha). Mariem Sgheir, a Mauritanian residing in Qatar, expresses her passion for photography through a compelling image captured at the Doha Expo. Her keen eye emphasises on the global importance of preserving plant life. With a commitment to raising awareness, Mariem's snapshot serves as a poignant call to action in the shared responsibility of safeguarding trees worldwide.

Alghalya Abdulla Ali Khalfan Almoqbali

Alghalya Almoqbali was born in 2016. She grew up embracing a love for nature and exploring the outdoors. Residing in Thakhira on Purple Island, she is lucky to live near the stunning sea and frequently witness the beauty of the mangroves. Alghalya is looking forward to particpating in a great environmental project to save different species. Alghalya captured a photo of the mangrove trees, recognising them as invaluable, sustainable treasures.

Hester Harrington - LICAF

Hester is a qualified teacher of 20 years in secondary age, primary age and special school education. She is a print-based artist.

Hester is LICAF’s main education team member and co-created Little LICAF (the free under 12s zone at our festival), devises all of our educational resources and is project co-ordinator on our literacy research project. She is passionate about using comics in the classroom and devising resources that combine artistic and educational experiences.

LearnEnglish Kids: Playtime App

LearnEnglish Kids: Playtime

Build confidence and practise listening skills in this app for 6- to 11-year-olds. Watch fun animated songs and stories such as ‘Florence Nightingale’ and ‘Red Riding Hood’, and play challenging games to improve spelling and understanding.

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Seeja Mol Shahul Hameed

"Hope for Home". Witnessing tiny birds carrying nesting material to a lush bush at Qatar Irkhiya farm on 3rd March 2023, Seeja Hameed aims to highlight the significance of a green environment and sparrow conservation. As an engineer with a passion for photography, her focus lies in capturing stories that inspire a deeper connection between humans and nature, particularly through birds, butterflies, and macro insects.

Waseem Kotoub - Arts manager - British Council in Qatar

Waseem Kotoub

Senior Programme Manager, Culture and Sport Programme, Gulf

Waseem joined the British Council in 2009. He is a medical doctor and a pianist with extensive knowledge in the arts and proven track record of completing outstanding quality health, science, arts and creative economy projects. His background in management enriched his role in leading on all programmes for local and regional projects such as Qatar UK Year of Culture 2013 and the annual British Festivals amongst others.