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LearnEnglish Kids: Phonics Stories App

LearnEnglish Kids: Phonics Stories

Read fun stories about space spies and learn phonetic sounds in this story app. Each story practises phonetic sounds and includes a game and dictionary. A parents guide offers expert advice on how to help young children learn English.

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Katsiaryna Dardziuk

"Reflecting Hope". This photo from Aspire Park, Doha, captures light on a tree, symbolising hope for our planet's lungs. As an amateur photographer, Katsiaryna Dardziuk explores the world through her lens, emphasising the importance of protecting and conserving forests. In unexpected views, she finds beauty, encouraging a deeper appreciation for nature - one click at a time.

LearnEnglish Kids: Videos App

LearnEnglish Kids: Videos

Watch children’s favourite stories like Little Red Riding Hood in this video stories app. It features audio and text narration, and a parents guide that offers expert advice on how to help children learn English.

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Mia Boucher

Mia Boucher is a 14-year-old music scholar at Kings College Doha. She participated in a photography competition as part of her school’s elective. Mia experimented with various items in the art classroom before capturing this final photo. Titled "In a society where everything is replaceable, you can still find beauty in the discarded things," Mia's photo captures this feeling.

Noha Habaieb - LICAF

Noha Habaieb is a Tunisian French visual storyteller, living in Doha.

After studying comics in Belguim, she took part in the evolution of the magazine by participating with her original comics, organizing artistic residencies themed around migration, identity and borders and improving the coordination between the group members.

She contributed to several international collective exhibitions of Comics and Illustrations. In 2017, she co-founded “Koskh”, an illustration studio based in Tunisia

LearnEnglish Elementary Podcasts App

LearnEnglish Elementary Podcasts

Listen to our podcast hosts talk about life in the UK and improve your listening and vocabulary skills. Each episode comes with audio scripts and comprehension exercises.

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Sultan Hassan Al-Kaabi

Sultan Hassan Alkaabi, a year 5 student at Awfaz global school, a football player, and a confident speaker, with a passion for photography. Sultan took a photo titled "A Color of Calmness and Relaxation," aiming to recall a sense of vitality and renewal.

LearnEnglish Sports World App

LearnEnglish Sports World


In this beautifully illustrated app, players need to find and spell sports events and technical moves. A range of activities will help players learn the spelling and definitions of hundreds of Olympic and Paralympic sports words.

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Learning Time with Timmy 2 Mobile App Logo

Learning Time with Timmy 2

Boost children’s language development, cognitive and motor skills in this fun app. Games help children learn and practise vocabulary as well as combine words to build simple phrases. This is the second app in a series of apps with Timmy, the star of children’s TV series Timmy Time. 

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