FameLab seeks out the young scientists, mathematicians and engineers and asks them to explain their scientific ideas, to live audience, in just three minutes.

What Is Famelab?

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths are fascinating subjects to learn, but not always the easiest of subjects to talk about, and that’s the idea behind FameLab - one of the biggest science communication competitions in the world initiated by Cheltenham Science Festival in the UK, and brought to Qatar by the British Council and Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF). FameLab Qatar is supported by our local partner, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Participants are expected to deliver an entertaining and original three-minute talk about any scientific topic without using PowerPoint or other electronic presentation tools and with limited use of props. The talk must be scientifically accurate, but also engaging to a non-scientific audience.

Why participate in FameLab?

FameLab works by identifying, training and mentoring young scientists and engineers to enable them to communicate effectively in a media intensive environment in which we all live. You will benefit from:

  • Learning why public engagement is important 
  • Enhancing your presentation skills
  • Training by some of the world's best communicators
  • Networking with like-minded individuals and meeting people from different scientific fields.

What is the FameLab application process? 

Stage 1: Complete and email the application form before 30 May 2021

Stage 2: Shortlisted applicant will be eligible to attend FameLab initial training for science communication skills (10-13 June 2021, only one day)

Stage 3: Auditions - only one day (5,6 and 7 July 2021)

Stage 4: FameLab Master class for advanced science communication skills delivered by a science communication master trainer (only for successful auditions) on 1 and 2 September 2021

Stage 5: FameLab National Final (04 October 2021)

Stage 6: FameLab winner to represent Qatar at Online FameLab International at Cheltenham Science Festival, UK ( Nov/ Dec 2021), to be confirmed

What are the rules of FameLab?

The first rule of FameLab is that you only have three minutes. Other rules that you might need to know about are:

  • it must be about a science, technology, engineering or maths-based topic
  • you must be aged between 16-40
  • each participant will be given a maximum of three minutes in which he/she would present to the panel of judges and the audience an original and scientifically accurate talk.
  • you should not use PowerPoint
  • props are limited to what you can carry on stage (there is no time for set up)
  • if you make it through auditions to the local final you will need a second presentation (which can be on the same topic, but must be demonstrably different in content)
  • it is an individual presentation and not a group presentation
  • you are Qatari or resident in Qatar
  • employees of the British Council and Qatar National Research Fund, and their next  of kin are not allowed to participate in the competition

What is science communication and why is it important?

Communicating science to a general audience is a growing priority for researchers worldwide. By doing so, they not only justify funding for their research, they also inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Scientists are working to solve some of the biggest issues of the day and this competition offers you the opportunity to pick an issue and inspire a national audience about it.

What are the objectives of holding Famelab competition in Qatar?

  • Support the Qatar National Vision 2030 in raising the level of participation in science and research.
  • Provide a platform for young scientists to present and share their ideas in a clear and simple way.
  • Build a culture that understands and supports the positive role that science plays in the economic and social growth.
  • Develop skills for students and teachers in schools and universities in Qatar.

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